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Our factory is located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China and was established in 2005. Our industrial park has two factories with a total area of approximately 37000 square meters. Our industrial park has two factories with a total area of approximately 37000 square meters.

The factory has advanced technology, excellent performance, complete qualification, wide range of localized services, unique integrated service model, and has an experienced and strong executive management team.

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What we do

RMmanufacutre has focused on sheet metal design, research and development, production, manufacturing and marketing for many years. We are determined to become a comprehensive, professional sheet metal industry leader, although the pace of China's manufacturing slow in the world, but we have been continuous efforts, has become China's leading sheet metal enterprises

Our products include:

※ Communication products ※ Power distribution products ※ New energy products

From the overall design to every minute detail, we always strive to combine creativity with function. From material selection and process to product testing and packaging, we set high standards at all stages of production.

Our history


Our company mainly serves communication equipment manufacturing, precision sheet metal processing, CNC processing, complete power control equipment, new energy charging piles, new energy battery compartments, medical equipment matching, chemical equipment matching, new energy vehicle parts matching, etc.

Our Production Equipment

We have hundreds of world-class processing equipment,German Tongkuai 3030TruLaser laser cutting machine, high-precision Japanese AMADA CNC punching machine (automatic material warehouse), AMADA fiber laser cutting machine, AMADA CNC bending machine, equipped with Japanese original punching and bending molds, CNC milling machines, high-precision centering machines, Italian Savanini P2/P4 flexible bending machine, fully automatic PEM riveting production line, fully automatic carbon steel/aluminum plate resistance welding manipulator Automatic welding robots for carbon steel/aluminum plates, microcomputer controlled welding machines, automated spraying production lines from Kinmar, Switzerland/Wagner, Germany, and automated electrophoresis production lines provided by China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry 707 Research Institute.With high-precision and efficient production capacity, the company has trained a 40 person technical and design team to provide one-on-one customized design and production services to customers in various fields around the world, integrating China's advantageous processing resources to meet all your product needs.


Our Footprints

So far, our company has conducted trade cooperation in multiple countries around the world, covering multiple industries, participating in multiple important exhibitions, and learning about the world's top processing and manufacturing technologies. We will continue to work hard to continuously improve our innovative manufacturing capabilities.


Our Advantages

Rich Experience

We have many years of experience in the machining and sheet metal fabrication industry. Our team is familiar with a wide range of materials and processes to provide high quality machining and fabrication services, and has skilled customization experience in a variety of industries to create the most beautifully detailed and outstanding work for you.

Advanced Equipment

We have invested in advanced machining equipment and sheet metal fabrication equipment, including CNC machine tools, laser cutting machines, bending machines and some other imported large equipment and machines. These equipment are the best tools from all over the world, ensuring that we can accurately and quickly accomplish a wide range of machining and fabrication tasks.

Customized Capability

We are not only capable of conventional machining and sheet metal fabrication, but also customized machining and fabrication according to customers' requirements. Our technical team is able to create and manufacture products according to customers' designs or requirements, and several professional engineers provide personalized solutions. Only you can't think of anything we can't do, you can rest assured of our strength.

Quality Control

We attach great importance to product quality control. We have a strict quality management system, and we strictly monitor and inspect every step from raw material procurement to production process to ensure that every product meets customer requirements and international standards. Being a factory, we have been supplying global customers for a long time, and many traders have purchased us, including the world's top 500.

Fast Delivery

We understand our customers' requirements for product delivery time. We optimize the production process, improve the production efficiency, and try our best to ensure the fast delivery of customer orders. Dozens of equipment running at the same time and fast delivery guarantee that we have long-term cooperation with our customer partners and even become our brothers and friends.

Quality Service

We always adhere to the principle of customer first and provide our customers with quality pre-sale and after-sale services. Our team is always ready to answer customers' questions and needs, and solve their problems and feedbacks in time. Our products are supplied all over the world all year round, our service makes us more than the choice of products, you may not have heard of RM, but you must have used our products.

Welcome To Cooperation

We have established a trusted relationship with many partners, reached the user's praise, we have done the domestic household name and the best industrial manufacturing in Southwest China, now we will bring our services and tiger to the world, let everyone enjoy, the best and efficient made in China.